About Me

Allow me to introduce myself, you can call me Stephay.

I am from Stevens Point, WI and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bacherlor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and an Art History minor. My passions in life are graphic design, art history, traveling, and running.

I really enjoy working on concept in design as well as branding and identity. I find inspiration everywhere from my travels to music, even through running. My work displays strong illustrative and photographic qualities with strong concepts. The story behind the work is very important to me as a designer and I thoroughly enjoy designing and making work that will be used.


Kasimir Coffee

Kasimir Coffee is a branding, identity, and packaging piece. Kasimir Coffee is a company I created based off the K. Chilla building in historic downtown Stevens Point, WI. The shape of the package as well as the type used on the logo is a replication of the keystone shape on the building and the type on the building.

KasimirCoffee KasimirCoffee2


Bootleggers Whiskey is a branding, identity, and packaging piece. This design is based off a story of a woman who supposedly dated John Dillinger when he traveled through central Wisconsin. The package is reminiscent of the prohibition era with the label matching in style. There is also an interior tag that is a replica prescription card which was the only legal way to get alcohol during prohibition.

Bootleggers Bootleggers2

Dumpster Diving Dirties

Dumpster Diving Dirties is a branding, identity, and informational packaging piece. Inspired by the dumpster diving lifestyle, statistics, and information this is a kit for first time divers. Equipped with the face mask, full body suit, and rubber gloves you’ll be all set for your first dive. The kit also comes with a book that states facts and statistics of dumpster diving and waste in the United States as well as the unsaid rules of dumpster diving.



Element is a branding, identity, and packaging piece. The ultimate trivia and drinking game! Element is based off of the periodic table. Each element card has a trivia question about a mixed drink, beer, or liquor name that corresponds with the element. The game comes equipped with test tube shot glasses and wild cards to get some pop culture and action into the game, dance off dares included!

Element Element2

End Hunger At Home

End Hunger At Home is a branding, identity, and promotional campaign piece. It’s an organization I created to partner with an already existing organization, Feeding America. The mission of End Hunger At Home is to end childhood hunger in America. The collateral created for donors are a re-usable grocery bag and recipe box with healthy recipes and blank recipe cards included. Donors and prospective donors receive a book with information on the organization as well as events calendar and donation information. A brochure for a half-marathon/fundraising event was also created. The logo and branding are done in watercolor to give it a childlike appearance as it’s dealing with childhood hunger.

EndHungerAtHome EndHungerAtHome2

Ink Spot Magazine

Ink Spot is a magazine for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. This issue focuses on famed tattoo artist, Kat Von D. This piece is a photographically based magazine.

InkSpot InkSpot2

Fashion Forward

Neenah Paper Promotion

In Fashion Forward photography uses the theme of classic fashion with a modern twist to show off the classic qualities of Neenah Paper’s Classic Crest line of papers with their modern twist of new textures and colors. This piece also demonstrates the qualities of the paper by foiling, embossing, die cutting, and varnishing. This piece won the 2013 Student Gold and Best of Show ADDY Award.

Inspiration & Concept

The paper company I chose to promote was Neenah Paper and their Classic Line of papers. I showed the versatility, adaptability, and high quality of their paper through the concept of classic fashion and modern style. The photographs focus on women’s dresses, shoes, and handbags. The book also shows the processes of varnishing, foil stamping, embossing, and die-cutting. I took all of the photographs and wrote all of the copy for the book. The book was also hand stitched and bound.

Sketching & Development
Completed Book and Embossed Sleeve
BookSlip FullBook
Inside Cover and Introduction Spread
InsideCover Fashion
Halter & Boning Spread
Shoe Spread displaying foiling technique on Caged Heel.
Shoe Spread displaying varnishing technique on the reflection of the shoes.
Inside of the Back Cover displaying diecutting technique on the thread. Under the thread diecut the book information is displayed: techniques used, paper, typefaces, etc.

Nike Annual Report

The Nike Inc. Annual Report uses found images and portions of the 2012 Annual Report Nike Inc. released. To give it a retro feel the images on the covers are of the first spokesperson Nike used, Steve Prefontaine. The report follows the theme of running using images of current Team Nike and The Oregon Project runners throughout. Infographs are also added throughout the revenue sections of the report to display statistics for the company during 2012.

Nike Nike2png


Nymph is a branding, identity, and packaging piece. I created this company based off of the word nymphomania using the root of nymph to create the logo based off of a Greek nymph. There are three different styles of condoms Nymph produces. Mania style condoms are for people who enjoy having as much sex as possible and don’t mind who knows it. Desire style condoms are for people who enjoy having as much sex as possible but want to keep it on the down low. Fetish style condoms are for people who want everyone to know they’re having sex, or at least think they are. Each style is a 100 pack and has foiling of the logo as well as the interior of the package to be eye catching and noticeable.

Nymph Nymph2

Parker Monroe

Parker Monroe is a branding and identity piece. Based off two fashion icons, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marilyn Monroe, Parker Monroe is a high end fashion label I created. Parker Monroe creates both day and evening wear for women who want a more fun, unique, bright, and colorful high end look. The tag line states the goal perfectly, “Be beautiful. Be colorful. Be unique. Be you.”

Billboard Tags

Cross Country Brewery

Cross Country Brewery is a company I created based off of my own high school cross-country coach and art teacher. It’s a micro-brewery created by two retired teachers and coaches who wanted to create a full flavor beer selection for runners the whole year round. Each type of beer is named off of a running term. Runner’s High is a pale ale named off of the euphoric feeling one gets after running a very long distance. Double Whammy is a brown ale named after a maneuver two runners use to pass another runner together. 26.2 is a German Wheat Ale named after the distance of a marathon. The designs were done in watercolor to show the artistic aspect of the former art teacher while the logo and names are based off of the running aspect.



The movie Once is a classic love story in a modern day setting. To show the classic and modern aspects classic sheet music was used with the modern ear buds to create an ambiguous image to promote the film as to not give away the story.

Images coming soon!